Former Rocket Tracy McGrady hosted barbecue for 800 Harvey victims

Getty Images

Tracy McGrady is one of the greatest players in Rockets history. He loved the city, and after his playing days he retired in the greater Houston area.

Which means he felt the wrath of hurricane Harvey, which has devastated the region. On Labor Day weekend, McGrady did what he could to help out some of those feeling the brunt of the storm, reports the Washington Post.

The ex-NBA player, who now lives in the Houston suburbs, made things just a little better for people living in Houston’s heavily flooded Third Ward and Sunnyside neighborhoods when he and his wife, CleRenda, decided to host a Labor Day barbecue for them…

“We wanted to be able to give back,” CleRenda McGrady, who works as a life coach at Project P.U.S.H., told the Houston Chronicle on Monday…

“There are a lot of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. What was important to us was to serve an area that already needed an extra boost,” CleRenda McGrady continued. “That’s why we decided to come to this particular area: to show them some extra love. Labor Day is all about barbecue, so we wanted to bring the barbecue to them.”

Well done McGrady.

For the record, McGrady and his wife live in an area of high ground on a hill and did not suffer much damage from the storm.