Report: Zach Randolph charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, resisting arrest

Getty Images

Earlier this month, the Sacramento’s new backup big man Zach Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles on a felony
possession of marijuana with intent to sell, because he had so much on him. Randolph’s attorney called the charges misleading, and Rasheed Wallace came to Randolph’s defense saying Randolph doesn’t sell.

The Los Angeles District Attorney got a look at the case and has dropped the charges down to two misdemeanors, reports TMZ Sports.

But now, prosecutors have reduced the charges down to misdemeanor possession of more than 1 ounce of marijuana and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

If convicted on both counts, Randolph faces up to 1 year in jail — but since it’s his first arrest, he likely won’t spend another minute behind bars.

Most of the time, cases like this are pled out, with the defendant paying a fine and doing some community service. However, because Randolph could face discipline from the league he could choose to fight the charges.

The NBA has a comprehensive marijuana policy in place. On a first positive test, players are sent to an education, treatment and counseling program. The NBA fines players $25,000 for a second marijuana conviction/positive test, then players are suspended five games for a third violation. However, if there is an arrest and conviction/guilty plea the league office can fine or suspend a player earlier in the process. In this case, the league office will let the legal issues play out before taking action, if it takes any at all.

The Kings PR staff has to be cursing the gods. After starting his career in the Jail Blazers era in Portland, during his time in Memphis Randolph was seen as a model player who was active and giving in the community, with no real scrapes with the law. Sacramento signs him this summer (two years, $24 million), and this comes down. Obviously, this is not on the Kings organization, but they would like to catch a break.