Report: Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon red-flagged in draft due to foot

Al Bello/Getty Images

How did Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon fall all the way to the second round in the 2016 NBA draft?

He was already 23 when the Bucks picked him No. 36, and his athleticism was lagging. He also shot better on NBA 3-pointers last season (40%) than he did from beyond the college arc in any of his four seasons at Virginia (max: 39%). And…

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer:

In college, Brogdon had surgery to fuse a bone in his left foot, which multiple front-office league sources have indicated drew medical red flags prior to the 2016 draft and could cause issues in the future.

Keep that in mind when assessing Brogdon’s trade value. Locked into a minimum salary the next two years while also proving himself starting-caliber, he’s still very valuable. But his left foot puts a damper on things.

Even if Brogdon stays healthy – very possible – the perception of greater injury risk could factor into his 2019 free agency.