Former Cavaliers GM predicts Cleveland will complete unmodified Kyrie Irving trade with Celtics

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to return to Cleveland. Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder assuredly don’t want to return to Boston at this point.

So, the Cavaliers and Celtics are discussing how to complete their trade, which is held up by Thomas’ physical. Will the Cavs request another pick? If they don’t get it, will they void the deal entirely?

Former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin on NBA TV:

Sometimes in these situations, you think of it as mutually assured destruction. There’s not a lot of upside to deal coming undone for either side. And because of that, I think it will end up going through as is.

Griffin still has contacts in Cleveland, so maybe this is an especially informed prediction. I certainly find him more credible than Dick Vitale. Remember, Griffin brought up the Celtics as an Irving destination when few were discussing them.

But even if Griffin is just giving his two cents from afar, his experience with the Cavs makes his perspective valuable.

The Cavaliers – already ravaged by Irving’s trade request – might be more willing to stomach the trade getting undone. That puts pressure on Boston – which would be getting back at least two players unhappier than it found them – to give in. Then again, can Cleveland find a better deal than this?

The prospect of mutually assured destruction becomes more important as the deadline nears. Until then, I think it’s a little easier for the Cavs than Celtics to posture.