Rookie of the Year? Ha. Ben Simmons said his goal is to be best in league

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You want players who want to be the best, even when what they say that it can come off sounding off.

Ben Simmons wants to be the best. He missed all of last season with a foot injury but is fully cleared now and playing. He’s one of the favorites to win Rookie of the Year, but when ESPN’s Niall Seewang asked Simmons about that he went big.

“My goal is to be the best in the league,” he told ESPN. “I’m not worried about other rookies — I’m worried about the guys at the top, and that’s where I want to be.”

Again, good for him saying that. But Rookie of the Year — or maybe just playing a full NBA season — is a worthy goal, too. To win ROY, Simmons is going to have to stay healthy and get the Sixers winning games.

Simmons essentially took a gap year before starting his NBA career, and as it did years ago with Blake Griffin, Simmons thinks a year to observe off the court will help him this season.

“There was definitely [some advantages to having a year off]. I’ve had a whole year to grow and learn and focus on what I need to focus on. I think that whole year has really helped me,” he said, adding he needed to continue to work on “learning the game, scoring, defense … everything.”