Report: Cavaliers hadn’t requested anything of Celtics, as of Sunday afternoon


The Cavaliers and Celtics are both posturing in the wake of Isaiah Thomasconcerning physical, which threatens to upend the Kyrie Irving trade.

But actual negotiations about reworking the deal?

Joe Vardon of

According to a previous report, the Cavs planned to ask for additional compensation. There’s still plenty of time for them to do so.

But that they haven’t yet suggests they could still accept the trade as is. After all, the Nets’ first-round pick is an incredibly valuable asset, and Jae Crowder would bolster Cleveland in a matchup with the Warriors. Ante Zizic isn’t nothing. And Thomas could still play well after his hip recovers. A physical can’t perfectly predict his future.

Still, I expect the Cavaliers to seek more from Boston before Wednesday night. The bigger question: What happens if the Celtics say no?