Paul George dodges question about joining Lakers next summer

Getty Images

Everyone you know is in Las Vegas this weekend for the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight.

That includes Paul George (and some other NBA players). The former Pacer now Thunder star was at the weigh in on Friday and spoke briefly with SB Nation, who asked about the rumors he is Lakers bound after this season. George dodged that like Mayweather dodging a punch.

“We’ll see,” he continued, addressing the idea of joining the Lakers next season. “I’m a Thunder, and my job is to give them the best I have this year and see what happens after that.”

George also expressed his love for Indiana (even though he told the Pacers he would not re-sign there, which sparked the trade in the first place).

“I grew up there, I became a man there, a lot of obstacles I’ve overcame there, and they had my back,” George said. “I love Indiana. It’s a new chapter, a new start. I made a move that was best for myself and that was best for my family, and I’m happy for that move.”

By the way, if you’re looking for a conspiracy theory, know that George has been hanging out in Vegas with the Warriors’ Draymond Green.