Manu Ginobili signs two-year deal to return to Spurs

Getty Images

Manu Ginobili isn’t exactly an ageless wonder, his athleticism and game have slipped in recent years, but there are a lot of teams who wish they had a creative playmaker and solid three-point shooter off the bench as good as the 40-year-old Argentinian.

Which is why the Spurs wanted to keep him. Ginobili is returning to the Spurs on a two-year contract, a story broken by Shams Charania of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports, then confirmed by the Spurs.

Ginobili coming off the bench as a secondary playmaker with Dejounte Murray or, once healthy, Tony Parker (who could eventually push Patty Mills to a backup role) is huge for the Spurs. Even at his age, what Ginobili brings is key for the Spurs reserves. He shot 39.2 percent from three, more than one-in-five of his possessions used ends in an assist, and he’s cagey enough to always seem to be in the right place.

Plus, this is just how the Spurs work — they keep the family together.

The gamble here is health. Ginobili is going to get rested at points during the season, but he missed 13 games last season and is not getting younger.

Ginobili is a four-time NBA champion, two-time All-NBA, Sixth Man of the Year, and a future Hall of Famer who is just a joy to watch play, even at his age. It’s good to have him still in the league.