Penny Hardaway actually called Kawhi Leonard a superstar

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Penny Hardaway saying Kawhi Leonard isn’t a superstar?

Never happened.

Hardaway was misquoted.

Hardaway on SiriusXM NBA Radio:


You know what? I can give Kawhi superstar, because he’s just not a guy that likes commercials. He’s not a guy that wants to be the face of the league. He just wants to get his work done.

He don’t want to talk, but that part goes along with being a superstar, though. But I would give him – he would be a superstar to me, for sure, because he handles his own with anybody in the league.

Leonard provides superstar production on the court. He doesn’t carry himself like a superstar, which as Hardaway said, can influence whether a player is a superstar, depending on how you define the term.

It seems Hardaway combined on- and off-court factors – and concluded Leonard deserves the title.