The time Michael Jordan stole Davis Love III’s driver out of his bag

Getty Images

Michael Jordan golf stories are the best. Like the time he gave Bill Clinton crap. Or the time he lost $1.25 million in bets on the course. Or the times he would play 36 golf holes of golf a day during the Barcelona Olympics. Or the time he woke up Chuck Daly early by pounding on his hotel room door to get a rematch.

Or this latest story, the time Jordan stole the driver out of Davis Love III’s bag and broke it, back when Love and Jordan were in college. From Hellen Ross at (hat tip NESN).

“We were playing probably 27 holes or whatever and the wedding was at 6. The only thing he wanted to do that day was outdrive Davis….

“(Michael) said, hey, it may be his clubs (that let him hit it so far),” Peterson recalls. “We’ve got these old clubs because they were giving us scrap clubs they got and don’t use, and they’re like X500 shafts, like swinging a tree. That was the worst thing for us.

“So he goes in there and grabs Davis’ driver, hits it on the hosel there halfway up, and the next thing I know, I see the ball barely going anywhere, but I see this club head just floating in the air to the lefthand side.”

Davis had to get a new driver — the one he ended up using on the PGA Tour for years.

Love kept the busted club, and recently submitted it to the World Golf Hall of Fame.