Shaq wants to be called “Steph Harden” now that he can hit threes (VIDEO)

shaq o'neal

Shaquille O’Neal has had a lot of nicknames.

Diesel. The Big Aristotle. Superman. The Big shamrock. The Big Shaqtus. It goes on like this.

But it appears that Shaq has been practicing his one-handed, seated 3-pointers. For this reason, he now wants to be called “Steph Harden”.

He hit one from the bleachers earlier this month, and now he’s doing it from the court..

Via Twitter:

Yes, that is a 45-year-old Shaq Using his time tested one-armed, overhand free-throw technique to hit a seated 3-pointer.

All hail Steph Harden.

Meanwhile, there are some other great things to check out on Shaq’s Instagram.

Mainly this: