Nick Young, Ice Cube want to see Kobe Bryant play in Big3 next year

kobe bryant interview
Via YouTube

Kobe Bryant back on a basketball court, tearing up his peers like old times? People would pay to see that.

As a fan of the man, Nick Young wants to see that happen again — in the Big3 League. That first-year league wraps up its regular season Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles (games will be broadcast Monday on FS1), and when you’re talking basketball in LA, you are still talking Kobe’s world. Young, now a guard with the Golden State Warriors (yes, Nick Young may well end up with a ring), told TMZ he wants to see Kobe play Big3.

“If you can get Kobe, man… I wanna see that happen,” said Young.

People would pay to see Kobe be Kobe again (and they would tune into the broadcasts), which is why Big3 co-founder Ice Cube told TMZ he wants to see Kobe in the league.

“I hope his competitive juices get to itching him and he wants to come into the league, score 50 and win the game. We hope he’ll play one day. We expect to have big names next year and hopefully Kobe will be one of them.”

One thing the Big3 seemed to learn in its first year is something the NBA has mastered — stars sell tickets and bring in viewers. People may love basketball, they will play it, but if you really want to be a draw, you need stars. Allen Iverson was the Big3’s biggest draw this season (he was suspended last week after going AWOL in Dallas the week before, he is expected to be in Los Angeles).

Kobe would be a draw. However, after watching him leave the sport with injuries three of his final four seasons, and considering he seems happy having moved on with his life, I’m not sure he comes out to play. We’ll see.

Nick Young is right though, it would be fun.