Ray Lewis: Michael Jordan told me he regrets playing for Wizards

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In a discussion of whether Aaron Rodgers should ever leave the Green Bay Packers, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis brought up Michal Jordan.

Lewis on Fox Sports 1:

This is the honest goddamn truth. M.J. – I’ll never forget this – said to me, “The only thing I regret is putting on another uniform.”

Lewis seems to be implying Jordan regretted playing for the Wizards, because it tarnished his legacy as exclusively a Bull. And maybe, while Jordan was still in Washington and shortly thereafter, that was true. But, by now, he’s overwhelmingly remembered for his time in Chicago.

Jordan probably wanted to spend his entire career with the Bulls, but they had moved on. If he hadn’t come out of retirement with another team in order to preserve his status of having played for only Chicago, I think he’d regret not scratching that itch.

Besides, we don’t even know what Jordan meant. Maybe he regretted playing for the Wizards because they went 37-45 and 37-45 in his two seasons in Washington.