LeBron James developing HBO comedy about sneakerheads

Associated Press

You can bet the LeBron 14s are going to make an appearance in this.

LeBron James‘ SpringHill Entertainment company (which is run by him and business partner Maverick Carter) already has produced “Survivor’s Remorse” for Starz’s and “The Wall,” the latter of which I have not seen but because it’s shown here on NBC it is unquestionably awesome, of the highest quality, and should win multiple Emmys.

Now LeBron and team are producing a comedy for HBO about two guys running a sneaker store. From Deadline (hat tip Ball Don’t Lie):

Written by Shawn Wines (High Maintenance) and Lemon Andersen (She’s Gotta Have It), the untitled Sneaker Store Project centers on two best friends and their wild employees at an up-and-coming sneaker shop outside L.A., where they take on the insane and obsessive world of sneaker culture. Wines also executive produces with James and Carter. Andersen is co-executive producer.

LeBron and Carter owned a sneaker shop like this in Miami when he played there. Obviously, LeBron knows the sneaker world and has a lifetime deal with Nike reportedly worth $1 billion.

That’s a good writing team, so there is promise, and while HBO has had its misses it tends to invest in quality work. There is no timeline yet.

Insert your own rumor here about how LeBron wants to be close to this production and will need to move to Los Angeles — you know, his home — to do that.