Clippers’ new uniforms a major improvement (photos)

L.A. Clippers
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The Clippers previous uniforms, created just a couple years ago, were pretty bad.

These are not:

These are fresh – simple and bright.

The Clippers even incorporated a few nautical elements. I generally enjoy teams making their uniforms unique, but these are only to mixed effect.

From the team’s website:

Clipper ships inspired the uniform’s horizontal lines, emblematic of the ocean horizon and a ship’s hull cutting through the water.

Are the lines the horizon or the ship’s hull? Or is the red stripe the ship? Again, I’m all for the Clippers integrating nautical themes. I just don’t understand this attempt.

Unique asymmetrical color design, inspired by maritime navigational lights, with red on the left (port) side and blue on the right (starboard) side.

So, this pretty cool. But maritime navigational lights are generally red and green. Do the shorts still work with red and blue? I think so, but if I were more into boating, I might be more bothered by the color change.

International maritime signal flags have been converted into Clippers colors and placed above the jock tag to spell ‘CLIPPER NATION’.

This won’t be seen when the jersey is tucked in, but it’s still kind of cool. Definitely unique. I would’ve preferred it spelled “Clippers,” as “nation” is such an overused term in sports. I really wish they would’ve stuck to the original flag colors – especially when this isn’t visible during games.

Overall, these are a huge improvement with room for even more.