Reports: Ty Lawson, Donatas Motiejunas sign with same team in China


Used to be, some fading NBA players would head to Europe for a couple more nice paydays — not NBA money, but good money nonetheless.

Now those guys are heading to China — that’s where the money is.

Enter Ty Lawson and Donatas Motiejunas, who are heading to the same team in China.

ESPN confirmed that Lawson, who played last season in Sacramento, is heading to China. Sportando reports that Motiejunas is headed there on a $3 million deal (more than he would have made on an NBA minimum contract).

Lawson’s quickness and scoring ability are going to see him put up big numbers in a Chinese league where defense borders on optional. That could catch the eye of NBA teams looking for veteran point guard depth headed into the playoffs — remember the Chinese season ends in February or March (depending on how deep a team goes in the playoffs) so both Lawson and Motiejunas could get picked up by an NBA team for the postseason.