LeBron James calls Los Angeles ‘home’

Harry How/Getty Images

LeBron James tweeted that he wanted to find a pickup game. Jamal Crawford invited the Cavaliers star to Crawford’s native Seattle. LeBron responded:

LeBron was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He lived in Miami then returned to his home state. He has houses in Bath Township, Ohio, and Los Angeles.

Home can be a moving target. I could be visiting a friend in a city I’ve never been, be out for dinner then talk about going “home” to sleep.

But “home” also appears an important concept to LeBron. Most famously, he titled his Sports Illustrated essay, “I’m Coming Home.”

So, he’s signing with the Lakers next summer?

As usual: Maybe. There are rumors his wife wants to live in Los Angeles full-time.

But there were rumors about LeBron and Savannah James’ fondness for Los Angeles in 2014, and LeBron still signed with the Cavs. LeBron also might want to keep heat on the Cavaliers to do everything they can to build a winner around him. This could be a subtle way of doing that, whether or not he actually intends to bolt for the Lakers.

Or LeBron might just be referring to the place he often stays this time of year as “home” without there being a deeper meaning.