Robert Horry punches at man at son’s basketball game (video)

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for The Players' Tribune

Robert Horry said he left the Lakers with “so much hatred for that team.”

Back in Los Angeles for his son’s basketball game last weekend, Horry didn’t look happier.


Witnesses tell us a man affiliated with the opposing team was heckling Horry throughout the game when he approached R.H. and pushed him.

“The guy was trash talking the whole game. He shoved me. Where I’m from, you protect yourself.”

R.H. — a 7x NBA champion — says he ultimately decided to walk away rather than continue to fight, knowing he was “the only one who was gonna lose in this situation.”

Horry claims this isn’t the first time the guy has been verbally abusive … saying he’s trash talked his son’s team in the past.

It’s a shame nobody deescalated this situation, especially around children. It seems the other man (who pushed Horry first), Horry and tournament officials all failed in that regard.