Phil Jackson asked a coach these 3 odd questions during Knicks job interview


Former New York Knicks president Phil Jackson has been known to be an eccentric guy.

The Zen Master is extremely contemplative, even going so far as having his players reach Nietzsche. He once got in Scottie Pippen’s head, calling him Portland’s “lead jackal” and challenging him to lead his team in 2000 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Jackson can be weird, so this story shouldn’t surprise you.

According to an article on Business Insider, former Knicks trainer Chris Brickley said that during his interview to keep his position with the team after Jackson took over, the Hall of Fame coach only asked him three questions.

What were those questions?

Via Business Insider:

“I’m thinking I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna meet with him, I’m done,” Brickley said. “So I go in, I’m super nervous, super scared. It’s Phil Jackson. I don’t even know the guy. I come in sit down in his office and he said, ‘I’m gonna ask you three questions.”

Jackson proceeded to ask Brickley about Steve Nash’s athleticism, the proper footwork leading into a jumper, and five characteristics of an athlete. Brickley simply went with his gut and answered the questions as best he could.

“I had my interview and it went well, and he’s like, ‘I’ll see you at pre-draft workouts in two days,'” Brickley said.

I mean, those aren’t entirely unrelated questions to Brinkley’s job, but they certainly are odd ones to ask when you are trying to make a hiring decision.

In all directions, the legend of Phil Jackson continues to grow.