WNBA players and teams will now be a part of NBA Live 18


WNBA fans will now be able to play with their favorite stars and teams in this year’s edition of the popular video game.

According to multiple reports and a release by EA Sports, the game’s publisher, WNBA teams will be available for single-game offline play or online PvP play. You won’t be able to have a franchise with a WNBA team — or play against NBA teams — just yet.

This is a pretty big step, following EA FIFA’s decision to add women’s national teams in 2016.

Part of the release, via Sports Illustrated:

“We are extremely proud to partner with the WNBA and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) on this groundbreaking occasion,” NBA Live Executive Producer Sean O’Brien said, according to a release. “The WNBA is home to some of the most incredible athletes on the planet, and we’ve been working hard to integrate them into our game in an authentic and meaningful way. This is only a taste of what we have in store, and look forward to working with the league on more great integrations in the franchise in the future.”

The game even got the classic Live trailer, courtesy WNBA President Lisa Borders.

Via Twitter:

Polygon says that EA hinted that you might be able to use WNBA players in the game’s The Streets mode of its “The One” single-player career after the game is released. Polygon also says that EA “didn’t rule out the possibility of mixed-gender teams competing later in NBA Live 18.”

NBA 2k18 will still be the leader for most players but now that franchise will have an area to catch up in.

The game is set for release in September on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.