Is LeBron James’ Instagram Story directed at Kyrie Irving?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

If Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have moved their seemingly real disconnect into social-media beef, you’ll have an easy time believing LeBron is taking a shot at Irving here.

The Cavaliers superstar posted a video of himself singing along to Meek Mill’s “1942 Flows.” Via Sports Illustrated:


Money, power, respect

I know these n—s upset

They ain’t see me fall yet

Wins and loss

You want to see me fall [while pointing at camera followed by hysterical laughter]

This isn’t necessarily about Irving. LeBron has noted his general critics before. He posts plenty of videos of himself singing — including a few in the gym today — and he might just like the song.

It’s unfair anything LeBron does will be construed as directed at Irving, but LeBron has been in the spotlight long enough to know how this works. So, either he didn’t care how it would be perceived – or cared exactly how it would be perceived.