Former fringe Orlando player Keith Appling sentenced to jail for gun related offense


Back in 2016, former Michigan State star turned fringe Orlando Magic player Keith Appling was arrested in May. Then he was arrested in June. Then he was arrested again in August. That last time, when he was pulled over and the police officer reached in the car to get his license he tried to speed off, then threw a bag out of the car that contained a handgun. Since said bag was a customized Gucci bag with his name on it, police were able to tie it back to Appling pretty quickly.

All of that has landed Appling some jail time, reports WKYZ in Detroit.

A judge ordered that Appling serve 5 years probation which includes serving one year in the Wayne County jail for carrying a concealed weapon and assaulting, obstructing or resisting arrest.

Appling pleaded guilty to the charges in connection to a traffic stop that took place in August of 2016.

His attorney said that after his release Appling has received some interest from European basketball teams.

Whatever is next for Appling, after jail, I just hope he gets his life on track.