Watch this Kings fan eat a page of George Karl’s book as part of a bet


We all love to speak in hyperbole, especially on the Internet. That’s why I think we can all relate to this Sacramento Kings fan.

In a recent video posted on YouTube Reddit, Kings fan u/ropygenie showed himself eating a page of former Sacramento coach George Karl’s recent book, “Furious George”.

Why on earth would he do this? Let’s just say a simple comment backfired.

In a harmless thread on the Kings subreddit a month ago, u/ropygenie decided to comment on a thread questioning whether Sacramento should sign Vince Carter. It certainly seemed like a stretch at the time, so u/ropygenie decided to just put it out there.

“If Vince Carter ever comes to Sacramento I’ll eat a book.”

Of course, Carter did sign with the Kings on a one-year, $8 million deal back in early July.

It then seemed unreasonable to have to eat an entire book, so instead u/ropygenie decided it to simply eat the dedication page out of Karl’s book.