Carmelo Anthony has spoken with new Knicks GM Scott Perry


Carmelo Anthony has not met with the Knicks this summer, and he’s “at peace” with that. Efforts to trade him are at a standstill because he will only waive his no-trade clause to go to Houston, and they have not been able to put together a deal — likely involving at least three teams — that works for all sides.

However, the lines of communication between Anthony and the Knicks are not completely closed — he has texted with new GM Scott Perry.

It’s a start. Here is what Anthony said while in Baltimore, via Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports.

Anthony hasn’t met with Knicks officials but he has spoken with recently hired general manager Scott Perry, a respected executive credited with providing a few months of sane stability in Sacramento who also previously worked in Orlando and Detroit. “I’ve talked to him,’’ Anthony said. “We’ve communicated. I’ve known Scott for maybe 10 years now. I’ve known him for a while back in the Detroit days, the draft, 2003, all that. And things like that. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to [formally meet with] him.”

What Perry brings to the table as a GM is a wealth of relationships — that’s a big part of the game in being a strong front office. Talent evaluation obviously matters a lot also (Perry’s summer in Sacramento helped show he has skill in that area, too), but Perry is liked and respected by players and other people in front offices — they take his call. They talk.

Perry can’t mend the relationship between the Knicks and Anthony completely, Phil Jackson made sure that bridge was well burned. Both sides are ready to move on. But what Perry can do is keep the lines of communication open through the process.

That’s something.