NBA teams can apparently add jersey ads mid-season

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The Trail Blazers released new uniforms, which are pretty similar to their old uniforms. My only thought on the changes: The “ripcity” logo on the waistband looks out of place.

But Portland’s write-up included an interesting detail.

Casey Holdahl of

The goal is to have a jersey sponsor in place before the start of the 2017-18 season, though it is also possible a logo will be added mid-season, or not at all in the event that a suitable partner takes longer to find.

Just because your favorite team begins the season without a jersey ad doesn’t mean you’ll be spared seeing one. Nike can apparently accommodate mid-season additions.

This could have an interesting effect on the salary cap, which is determined by revenue. Just 10 teams have jersey ads, leaving 20 that could go either way. Some will likely be up in the air throughout the season. Though teams could always sell additional advertising at any point, this is a new opportunity for prominent placement. It’s tougher to gauge how much revenue jersey ads will draw, and uncertainty throughout the season will only create less clarity in salary-cap projections.