Isaiah Thomas has sweet Brinks-truck sandals (photo)

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Last year, with his free agency still two summers away, Isaiah Thomas issued his demand: Back up the Brinks truck. This year, the Celtics guard used the same two magic words in preparation for 2018 free agency: Brinks truck.

It appears Thomas has really taken to the phrase.

Via CSN New England:

These are awesome. Look closely, and the side of the truck, in the typical Brinks font, says “Isaiah.”

Thomas has been underpaid his entire career. The last pick in the 2011 draft, he earned the minimum his first few years. Then, he signed a moderate-paying long-term contract before the salary cap skyrocketed and he broke out into stardom.

There’s room to debate invested heavily in a 5-foot-9 guard who will be 29 when he signs his next contract. But I’m rooting for Thomas to get paid – and wondering where I can get a pair of these sandals.