Kobe Bryant drops in on first day of Chargers’ training camp


How ’bout them Los Angeles Chargers!?!

To be honest, the Los Angeles market hasn’t really blown up with excitement about the Chargers move north — you see Rams gear around town, not many lightning bolts yet. (You still see more Lakers and Dodger items than Rams so far, although there was a buzz at the start of last season until everyone realized how bad the team was.)

The Chargers were welcomed to Los Angeles by the man who owned this city as a sports town, Kobe Bryant.

So what did he tell them?

Um, he pitched 1970s psychobabble about a seagull who isn’t like other seagulls and goes on a quest to be the best seagull he can be. So, there you go.

I’m not sure what Kobe could say or what book he could recommend that keeps the Chargers from finishing around .500, which may not be able to get them into the playoffs in the AFC. That said, they will sell out every game (in the 27,000 Stub Hub Center, best known as the home of the LA Galaxy).