Middle-school teacher: My students believe Earth is flat due to Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving insists the Earth is flat.

That presents a problem for middle-school teacher Nick Gurol.

Avi Wolfman-Arent of NPR:

Gurol says his students got the idea of a flat planet from basketball star Kyrie Irving, who said as much on a podcast.

“And immediately I start to panic. How have I failed these kids so badly they think the Earth is flat just because a basketball player says it?” He says he tried reasoning with the students and showed them a video. Nothing worked.

“They think that I’m part of this larger conspiracy of being a round-Earther. That’s definitely hard for me because it feels like science isn’t real to them.”

Might Gurol’s students be trolling him by feigning belief in a flat Earth? Nah, that doesn’t sound at all like middle-schoolers.

Even if they’re serious, maybe they just need someone to teach them how to assess the Earth’s shape. Anyone up for that job?