Report: Spurs finalizing contract with Manu Ginobili

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Gregg Popovich started Manu Ginobili in the Spurs’ season-ending loss to the Warriors “out of respect,” and San Antonio fans gave him a sendoff befitting his great career.

But Ginobili isn’t retiring just yet.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Ginobili, who turns 40 later this month, is the NBA’s second-oldest player (after Vince Carter). They’ll be the first players to play an entire season in their 40s since Grant Hill and Kurt Thomas in 2012-13. The last player to play even 40 games in his 40s? Dikembe Mutombo.

Though there’s no guarantee with anyone at that age, Ginobili has a chance to match Mutombo’s late-career contributions. Ginobili remains a helpful reserve, using his incredible basketball intelligence to compensate for declining athleticism. He doesn’t get to the rim like he once did, but he’s a steadier 3-point shooter and still a crafty passer.

Ginobili earned a $14 million salary last season after the 76ers drove up his price. His production now isn’t worth that much, but he previously took discounts for the Spurs, who still hold his Bird Rights. So, they can pay him anything up to the max. We’ll see how they reward him in his potential swan song.