Report: JaVale McGee not happy with Warriors, could still return


The Golden State Warriors are just rounding out what will be the odds-on favorite roster to win the NBA title next season. The Warriors won last year, got the band back together for this run, and should be improved as this is their second season in the system.

One little detail, a third guy who can play the five. Zaza Pachulia is back and will start, David West can soak up minutes, but who else is in there? The easy answer is to bring back JaVale McGee, but that may not be that easy because he isn’t happy with Golden State, according to Marcus Thompson of the San Jose Mercury News.

At this point, the best recourse is bringing back JaVale McGee. But one source said he is not happy with the Warriors for not giving him a shot at the starting slot and giving all of the mid-level to free agent guard Nick Young. McGee believed his play this season earned him more minutes and money, and is looking for that on the market.

Except that the market right now is very tight. He may not find it anywhere, and the Warriors don’t have more than a minimum contract to hand out.

The Warriors other obvious options aren’t thrilling. They have Damon Jones on the roster, but after watching him at Summer League he doesn’t look like an answer right now. The Warriors could go small more with rookie Jordon Bell, who has shown some promise at Summer League, but he’s a rookie and Kerr tries to limit small ball minutes.

If McGee signs elsewhere, someone will come to the Warriors and be willing to chase the ring with them. Just not clear yet who that might be.