Report: Hawks back out of bidding for Marreese Speights, he’s back on market


Big men still on the market, even ones with legit skills, are finding getting more than a one-year deal at the veteran minimum difficult. JaVale McGee is feeling that frustration.

Marreese Speights has a legit skill — he can come off the bench as a pick-and-pop big, hit some threes (37.2 percent from beyond the arc last season), and beyond that play some solid minutes. Speights had been talking to the Atlanta Hawks, but that has fallen apart, and Speights is back on the open market, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Speights could help a lot of teams as a backup big. He’s not going to provide much defense, but teams could do much worse. He will sign somewhere, but in a tight market he’s not going to make as much as he likely imagined.

(For the record, that will not be the Warriors, they have David West as the pick-and-pop big off the bench, they’re not duplicating that skill set. The Warriors want rim protection with their final center slot.)