Avery Bradley says Kyrie Irving is toughest player to guard in NBA


Who would you list as the toughest player to guard in the NBA? Russell Westbrook? LeBron James? Stephen Curry? James Harden? Kevin Durant?

New Piston and defensive stopper Avery Bradley went another direction — Kyrie Irving.

Bradley didn’t have to think too far back too far to come up with Irving — Kyrie dropped 42 on Bradley and his former team the Celtics in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Irving brings a full bag of tricks to the table — he can hit the three if you lay back, has a quick first step, he’s strong, he can pull up from the midrange, and if he gets to the rim he is the best off-balance finisher in the game. If you lay back he shoots over you, if you get into his body he blows by you.

When great defenders talk about what is hardest to defend they bring up guys with versatile game, and that is Irving. With Westbrook, you know what he’s bringing just good luck staying in front of it. Kyrie has counters to his counters, take one thing away and he has another move.

Bradley and Irving are now in the same division, they will get to match up four times a season.