Report: Knicks hope Carmelo Anthony will expand acceptable trade list beyond Rockets, Cavaliers

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

The Knicks have reportedly paused Carmelo Anthony trade talks.

Marc Berman of the New York Post:

According to the source, Knicks acting president Steve Mills wants to meet with Anthony to see where his head is at before proceeding any further.

The primary hope, according to the source, is Anthony decides to open up his wish list beyond the Rockets and Cavaliers, as he has a no-trade clause.

Good luck.

New York received underwhelming trade offers for Anthony because it’s a closed market. The Rockets don’t need to beat 28 other teams, as they usually would. They need to beat Cleveland and only Cleveland.

But that that’s the Knicks’ problem, not Anthony’s. He earned his no-trade clause, so he can pick his team for next season.

If he limited his list to only Houston and Cleveland while Phil Jackson was running the Knicks, why would Anthony approve more teams now that Mills and Scott Perry seemingly make New York more palatable? Anthony could just stay with the Knicks.

Maybe Mills and Perry convince Anthony to accept a trade to a team he previously ruled out. I’m just not sure what new information they could offer that would prompt Anthony to change his mind.