Report: Knicks pausing trade talks with Cavaliers, Rockets on Carmelo Anthony


It appears that Carmelo Anthony will remain with the New York Knicks for the time being.

According to a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne, the Knicks have stopped having conversations with the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers on trades involving Anthony.

This news comes on the heels of New York bringing in Scott Perry to be their new general manager. The deal has obviously been further complicated by the fact that the Cavaliers do not have a general manager of their own after failing to renew the contract of David Griffith.


The New York Knicks are pausing trade talks centered on Carmelo Anthony and want to pursue a conversation with the 10-time NBA All-Star about possibly reincorporating him into the organization, league sources told ESPN.

Reports have been that the Knicks have been working to find a fourth team to use in a deal to get Carmelo to one of his preferred destinations. The issue of course is with the salaries, given that the Cavaliers and Rockets are both over the salary cap. That makes it harder to find a trade because the salaries have to at least match.

The contracts are difficult to work out, especially as players on the interested teams — like Ryan Anderson — are ones the Knicks likely don’t want to take on.

I would still make a bet that we find Anthony in one of his preferred locations, but we will have to wait a bit longer through the summer heat as the teams settle their front offices and work a deal that gets the return New York wants with the salaries that work.