Video Breakdown: How NBA teams use drag screens in secondary transition


The drag screen is one of the most crucial plays in an NBA offense when it comes to the fastbreak. Sometimes called early offense, secondary transition can be where big men can really thrive.

Drag screens are an interesting part of NBA offenses, as they are an adaptive solution to the natural flow of a professional basketball game. When it comes to getting out on the break, smaller, faster players will obviously get down the floor quicker than your bigger forwards and centers.

What a drag screen does is use of that natural flow to its advantage, allowing for big men to still have an effect on the transition game even as they are slower up the floor.

A drag screen is when a ball handler hasn’t made it down the floor in transition, and a screener comes and sets a screen for that ball handler from a higher position as a trailer.

Check out the full breakdown above the so you can see how drag screens are used in the NBA.