Report: Heat paid Mavericks $5.1 million (!) in trade

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

The Warriors set a record by paying $3.5 million for a draft pick, the rights to No. 38 pick Jordan Bell this year.

The Heat just topped that payout in a trade.

Miami paid the Mavericks $5.1 million – the maximum amount allowed this season by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement – in the Josh McRoberts trade, according to Albert Nahmad of Heat Hoops.

Not only did the Heat cover most of McRoberts’ $6,021,175 salary this season, they also took on A.J. Hammons (a fringe prospect who’s guaranteed $1,312,611 and $1,544,951 the next two years) and sent Dallas a second-rounder. Dumping the injury-plagued McRoberts cleared the way for Miami to sign Dion Waiters, James Johnson and Kelly Olynyk and keep Wayne Ellington.

Remember, the Heat also paying a portion of Chris Bosh‘s salary not covered by insurance, even though he no longer counts toward the cap. Miami is essentially double-dipping on the cost of that roster spot.

There have been questions about Micky Arison’s willingness to spend, but the Heat owner stepped up here.

For Dallas, this is partially a cash grab, partially an asset acquisition. The second-rounder could come in handy down the road, though the Mavericks likely could have gotten a better pick if they were willing to help a team clear cap or dodge tax without also accepting so much cash. Unless McRoberts, who has missed 165 games the last three years suddenly gets much healthier, he’s just dead salary. The Mavericks might not have signed a contributor with their remaining cap space at this point, but taking McRoberts is an opportunity cost.