Wizards expected to match Nets’ Otto Porter offer, but will drag out process for six days


Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that kicked in July 1, teams have just 48 hours to decide if they are going to match an offer to a restricted free agent, down from 72 in the last CBA. The hope was to keep teams that make the offer from having their cash tied up as long.

The Washington Wizards are on that clock right now. Wing Otto Porter has signed a max contract offer from the Nets, and the Wizards have a decision to make.

Actually, it’s not much of a decision. Washington is going to match. However, they are going to tie up Brooklyn’s cap space for six days before doing so, just as a little retaliatory move for making them max him out. How? Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post explains.

The Nets money will be tied up until July 12 this way, unless the Wizards change their minds.

Not that it matters that much to the Nets, the biggest free agents are off the market already, most teams are just rounding out their rosters now.

Then again, one thing the Nets could do is turn around and max out Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, another restricted free agent. That would put the Pistons on the clock, and they need to shed salary to match.