Report: Shelvin Mack reaches two-year, $12 million deal to play for Orlando


The point guard market seemed to be drying up, few guys were left on the market and fewer decent contracts seemed to be available.

Then the Orlando Magic said, “hold my beer” and went into action.

Shelvin Mack was a decent backup point guard for the Utah Jazz last year in the 55 games he played, he’s not much of a shooter (30.9 percent from three last season) but he’s a good floor general and an energetic defender. He’s a solid backup point in this league coaches can trust. Most of the time, the $6 million per year number would be a little high but not unreasonable for him. That said, in a tight market the Magic could have signed him for less.

I still don’t mind this much. The Magic likely start Elfrid Payton at the point again and have D.J. Augustin behind him. With that, Mack can be a good locker room influence and play fairly well in the minutes asked.