Report: Jazz’s and Celtics’ Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade talks ‘dormant’

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

The Celtics and Jazz, according to one report, were “close” on a sign-and-trade involving Gordon Hayward and Jae Crowder.

To the contrary…

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Are talks dormant because Boston and Utah are too far apart on an agreement? Or are talks dormant because the teams already found an agreeable framework, and the Celtics are just canvassing to see whether they can do better elsewhere before pulling the trigger?

A sign-and-trade for Boston to clear max space for Hayward is possible, but remember, if Crowder is going to the Jazz, expect them to send back additional assets beyond Hayward. The Celtics need to move salary – likely Crowder, Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley – to pay Hayward the max, but they don’t need Utah to facilitate. The Jazz are just one of 29 potential trade partners, coincidentally the one losing Hayward.