Report: Atlanta, Jamal Crawford agree to buyout; Cavaliers, Lakers, others will pursue


Jamal Crawford was traded from the Clippers to the Hawks as part of the three-team deal that sent Danilo Gallinari to Los Angeles. Except, Crawford didn’t want to be in Atlanta, so the question was how fast the two sides could agree to a buyout (and how much of a discount Crawford would take to be a free agent.

The buyout is done, according to multiple reports.

The question now is where Crawford — still a valuable scorer off the bench, shot 36 percent from three, but he doesn’t defend much and will is 37 — will go as a free agent?

Which leads to the question, what does Crawford want most? Money? A chance to chase a ring? To play with someone specific?

He has spoken to LeBron James and is interested in going to Cleveland, although they are capped out so other teams such as the Lakers (and a host of other teams) could come in higher on a one-year deal. Minnesota is interested. The Warriors have reportedly been interested, but the defending champs could only offer a veteran minimum deal. So what matters most to Crawford, and where does he feel most comfortable?