Report: Mavericks re-signing Dirk Nowitzki to two-year, $10 million deal

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

The Mavericks declined Dirk Nowitzki‘s $25 million team option, but the greatest player in franchise history isn’t going anywhere.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

Leaving Nerlens Noel‘s cap hit on the books – Dallas plans to re-sign the restricted free agent – the Mavericks still have $11 million in cap space. They could’ve increased that by another $5 million or so by convincing Nowitzki to take slightly less (the room exception, $8,872,400 over two years).

I doubt Nowitzki was haggling over that $1 million difference. This signals Dallas doesn’t plan to pursue any of top free agents on the dwindling list of available players. I’m not even sure whom the Mavericks target with their remaining $11 million, though if they didn’t have some plans for that money, they probably would’ve given Nowitzki more of it.

Dallas and Nowitzki clearly operate as a partnership at this point