Report: James Jones not returning to Cavaliers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

LeBron James and James Jones have played the last seven years together, with the Heat then Cavaliers. LeBron even once said he, Jones and Mike Miller were the real big three.

But it appears LeBron’s run with Jones is ending.

Joe Vardon of

A source close to the Cavs said Jones would not be back in 2016-17. Jones’ agent, Joel Bell, said neither the team nor Jones had made a decision about his return.

Jones turns 37, and he’s increasingly less capable of helping on the court. He’s still a good 3-point shooter and locker room presence, but the Cavs already have plenty of both. They’d be better off using his roster spot on someone younger and more defensive-oriented.

Of course, LeBron isn’t required to agree. He’s already displeased how the Cavaliers let go general manager David Griffin and reportedly not recruiting free agents this summer. Los Angeles looms in the distance.

Winning cures all ills, and if the Cavs replace Jones with someone who helps them win a title, LeBron will get over any dissatisfaction. But the expectations are that high, and the Warriors are a behemoth. Even the optimal Jones replacement might still leave Cleveland falling short.

At that point, if Jones wanted to return, might this be another move that pushes LeBron out the door?