Facebook greenlights Ball family reality show


For those of us who never watched a minute of “Basketball Wives,” soon there will be a new reality show to ignore.

LaVar Ball, his son the Laker Lonzo Ball, and the two younger brothers Liangelo and LaMelo, will have their own reality show. You can thank Facebook for that. Deadline Hollywood has the details.

The second project is a yet-to-be-titled docuseries about the Ball family, whose sons Lonzo, Liangelo and LaMelo have taken the basketball world by storm. Freshman UCLA star Lonzo Ball was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers as their No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft last month. Liangelo and LaMelo are stand-outs at Chino Hills High School.

I don’t think Joel Embiid will be tuning in.

Put a mic in front of LaVar and he will say something outrageous, so you can see why this seems perfect for a reality show. We don’t know the details of this show, I imagine it will focus on the family and their life, their preparation for basketball at home, more than just the games. That’s just speculation, and I don’t plan to watch and find out. Liangelo has one more year of high school (he is supposed to follow Lonzo’s footsteps to UCLA, although the younger brother isn’t seen by scouts as near as good). LaMelo has a lot of potential but is still just entering his junior year of high school.

The Lakers as an organization have dealt with reality show filming around the team before, remember LaMar Odom was dating a Kardashian for a while. That doesn’t mean stuff that LaVar says on the show — or anywhere else — isn’t going to come back and bite Lonzo. He’s a rookie who will have guys like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Embiid ready to make the son pay for the sins of the father.