Could Nick Young end up on Warriors? Draymond Green is recruiting him.

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Nick Young on the Warriors? The ultimate “share the ball, move without the ball” team wants to bring in a volume scoring isolation gunner?

Except, Young wasn’t those things last season. With the Lakers, he got 47 percent of his attempts either on spot-up looks or in transition (via Synergy Sports) — both things that fit in the Warriors’ system — and shot 40.4 percent on threes. He broke out of the Laker offense plenty, but do that in Golden State and you sit. They have other options, unlike last year’s Lakers.

The Warriors are going after him, something Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported.

Then there was this, originally from Snapchat, where Draymond Green seems to be recruiting Young.

There are questions about how Young fits with the Warriors — he is still an abysmal defender, and he’s not the most focused man ever — but if they can get him for around $4 million next season, that could work. It’s a one-year deal for a guy at the end of the bench, the Warriors can absorb that.

The question is how much are other teams offering Young, and does he want to chase a ring?