Report: LeBron James is not helping Cavaliers recruit free agents this summer

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Add this to your “LeBron James is going to leave the Cavs in 2018″ file.

As the Cavaliers stumble through free agency without a president of basketball operations to set the overall direction — they did land Jose Calderon, that will make them more athletic — the team is not getting any help from LeBron. He is being hands off in the process, reports Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

LeBron James is not actively recruiting free agents on behalf of the Cavs as the franchise zeros in on its targets, a league source told ESPN on Saturday….

James’ approach is a departure from his conduct in the past. He has actively pitched players on coming to play in Cleveland, including his pivotal poolside meeting with Kevin Love in Los Angeles in the summer of 2015 that led to Love’s re-signing and James’ calls to veterans such as Mike Miller and James Jones that were instrumental in those players’ wanting to join the Cavs at a discount.

Again, in a year we could see this as a sign, or it could be forgotten. It’s just an interesting note right now.

What I’ve heard of LeBron’s mindset from around the league is he plans to keep his options open, play out next season, then decide. The Cavaliers are still the favorites to win the East as of this writing, and maybe the season plays out in a way that they have a real shot at a title next June. Maybe things implode. Maybe neither. One year is a lifetime in the NBA, a lot of things can change, and nobody knows that better than LeBron. So he’s going to sit back, wait, let things play out, then make his call. It’s the way smart people make decisions — be patient, weigh the facts, then come to a reasoned conclusion. This country could use a lot more of that.

However, him not helping recruit is interesting.