Report: Tony Snell reaches four-year, $46 million deal to stay in Milwaukee


When Milwaukee traded for Tony Snell last year, it seemed to be a desperation move to get anyone on the wing that could help with Kris Middleton out injured (and they only had to give up Michael Carter-Williams, who is on his way out of the league).

Except Snell turned out to be a great fit. He started 80 games, averaged 8.5 points per game shooting 40.6 percent from three, and played quality defense out on the perimeter. He earned a pay raise, and he got it according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Sources: Tony Snell has agreed to 4-year, $46M deal — $44M guaranteed — to return to Milwaukee. Player option after 3rd year.

That’s a good deal for both sides. Snell, just 25, gets paid and can get paid more in a few more years if he earns it. The Bucks get a quality “3&D” wing player for a reasonable price (those kinds of players have been getting overpaid in recent years).

This will have the Bucks flirting with the tax line, look for them to make another move in the coming weeks to shed a little salary. But they had to lock up Snell.