NBA sets salary cap, luxury-tax line for 2017-18

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Teams dismayed by the late drop in the NBA’s salary-cap projection will get a little more wiggle room than feared.

But just a little.

After the league projected a $99 million cap and $119 million luxury-tax line…

NBA release:

The National Basketball Association today announced that the Salary Cap has been set at $99.093 million for the 2017-18 season. The tax level for the 2017-18 season is $119.266 million.

The exact cap and tax lines are always important, as deals can come down to small margins.

But this year’s cap was particularly important, because the new Collective Bargaining Agreement ties exceptions to the cap. The CBA set exact amounts for exceptions this season, and they’ll increase in proportion with the salary cap in future seasons. So, for the duration of the agreement, the following exceptions will take up this percentage of the cap:

  • Non-taxpayer mid-level exception: 8.48% ($8,406,000/$99,093,000)
  • Taxpayer mid-level exception: 5.24% ($5,192,000/$99,093,000)
  • Room exception: 4.37% ($4,328,000/$99,093,000)
  • Bi-annual exception: 3.32% ($3,290,000/$99,093,000)

The rookie scale is also tied to the cap.