Cavaliers reach deal to add Jose Calderon as reserve point guard


So, about that getting younger and more athletic thing…

Jose Calderon, at age 35 (36 by the time training camps open) played in just 41 games last season, splitting time between the Lakers and Hawks. He still mentally knows the game, but his body can’t penetrate on offense or stay in front of anyone on defense anymore.

However, it looks as if he will be coming off the bench for the Cavaliers next year. His agency broke the news.

We’re going to assume this is a one-year deal for the veteran minimum, because even without a guy at the head of basketball operations the Cavs wouldn’t offer more than that. Right?

We’re also going to assume that with Kyrie Irving and Kay Felder on the roster, Calderon rarely sees the court. Even then, not sure this makes much sense.