As expected, Warriors, Stephen Curry reach agreement on five-year, $201 million “super max” contract


That took about as long as expected.

Just minutes after midnight of July 1 it was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that the Warriors and Stephen Curry reached terms on a five-year, $201 million designated veteran “super max” contract.

Stephen Curry has agreed to a 5-year, $201M deal with Golden State, agent Jeff Austin of Octagon tells ESPN. No player option.

There is no player option and Curry does not get a “no trade” clause. He can’t officially sign it until July 6, when the moratorium ends.

This is the richest contract in NBA history.

It also was a true no-brainer. Curry is an MVP, an NBA champion, arguably the best shooter the game has ever seen, he averaged 25.3 points per game shooting 41 percent from three last season. Defenses have to stretch out and adjust to what he brings, which opens up space for the other Warriors to attack and get shots. However, more importantly than any of that, he is the guy at the heart of the Warriors style and chemistry — work hard, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience.

The Warriors aren’t the Warriors without him.

There were some Warriors fans who thought Curry should have taken a little less to help bring back Andre Iguodala and other potential free agents. Why? The guy was on probably the greatest discount contract in NBA history the past few years, now he should lock up every penny he can from the organization. He’s made them far more money than they’re paying him in this deal.

Kevin Durant is also a free agent but said he will wait until later in the month to sign his deal, giving the team flexibility to keep some of their free agents. He will likely take a little less and sign a 1+1 deal that allows him to opt out next summer and sign his own massive deal.