Report: J.J. Redick interested in Rockets, but only if money is right


Remember the golden rule as we head into free agency: It’s all about the gold. The money. Players/agents/teams will talk winning and culture, maybe even lifestyle, but at the end of the day players go where they are going to get paid the most. Of course they’d love to play on a contender, but the cash comes first.

Case in point, free agent to be J.J. Redick. The soon to be former Clipper sharpshooter has a couple of suitors with money to spend coming for him — the Nets and Sixers are both expected to make offers north of $16 million a year for his services. Other teams are eyeing him. All things being equal, he’d like to go play with Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston, reports Brad Turner of the L.A. Times. But all things being equal means money.

That’s not likely. The Rockets have less than $10 million cap space after the trade for Chris Paul, for them to get someone such as Redick they need to move someone like Eric Gordon in a deal where they don’t bring back salary. Good luck with that, Gordon has three years and $40 million left on his deal, so the Rockets would have to throw in a lot of sweeteners to get someone to take it.

Redick is all but gone from the Clippers. The only question is who pays the most to land him? Difficult to see that being Houston.